Box 1 - Cameras inside and outside this box, used in the past by Great Tits.  Box 2 - Inside camera only, used by a Robin in the past, but regularly checked by other species.  Box 4 - 20/03/17 Great Tit nest building.  Cameras inside and out. Box 5 - Designed for Woodpeckers, investigated by Starlings and used by Great Tits.  Cameras inside and out. Tree - Located on the same tree as box 5.  19/03/17 Blue Tits have started to build. Roaming - Hoglet on the way to recovery we hope.  Now released into outdoor enclosure. Pond - A camera in one of the ponds.  Watch the Koi and Goldfish. Pond 2 - Looking over the surface of the pond, when the shrubs are pruned. Has also captured video of a Heron in the past. PTZ - Not ideally placed with the way the garden has grown up, but some interesting sights.  Currently covering a suet pellet feeder. Roaming 3 - a new camera covering a Blackbird nest at the moment. Hog - See Roaming Camera at the moment during the night and various ground feeding birds during the day Roaming camera 2 - Set on a very poor clump of pyracantha berries at the moment. Live Feeder - Live view of our main feeder station Our local weather
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